Wateraid In Mali Case Study Gcse

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Wateraid in mali case study gcse

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Earn hundreds of pounds each month by selling your written material to your fellow students. Last year students earned over R from selling their work to other students. Outcomes The Mtumba project has brought many benefits: Villagers become ill less often. This means that they are able to work. In Mtumba, some residents now make and sell clothes to other villages. Government support has helped people to understand the need for toilets. Hygiene Education - People are taught how to prevent disease and what causes it. This means the population are more likely to build a healthier, disease free community. What are the problems Mali are facing? It is vital that you learn every case study in this booklet so that you are prepared for this section. Look at the past case study questions in this booklet and practise matching case studies to questions and writing answers in 8 minutes. Word Adult literacy Aid Anomaly Appropriate Technology Bilateral Aid Meaning The percentage of the adult population that can read and write The giving of resources by one country, or an organisation, to another country. An unexpected event or piece of data that does not follow the normal trend or expected pattern Technology suited to the area where it is used. Aid that is passed directly from one country to a partner country. Often in the form of money which means countries getting into debt when they have to pay the loan back. Separating the rich north from the poorer south. A type of tax paid by a company Developments that do not add any extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The buildings are highly energy efficient and may use renewable technologies When people who live in rural areas travel every day to jobs in urban areas When cities grow so large that they merge together i. Liverpool and Manchester Economic growth tends to be the most rapid in one part of a country A shift in employment from manufacturing to jobs that provide a service. The level of economic growth of a country or region and the processes of change taking place within it. Less is given to the importers and exporters resulting in greater profit for growers equalling a greater quality of life. Foreign exchange The way in which countries earn money from abroad e. Fuel poverty A family who cannot afford to heat their home. Also known as GNP per person The total value of goods produced and services provided by a country in a year, divided by the total number of people living in that country. A social welfare index, adopted by the United Nations as a measure of development, based upon life expectancy health , adult literacy education and real GNP per capita economic High-tech industries Imports Import duty The use of advanced technology in manufacturing such as defence systems and medical equipment The purchase of goods from another country. A tax placed on goods brought into the country to make them more expensive Inappropriate Technology Indirect benefit Technology not suited to the area where it is used for example, providing electric ovens to a poor rural area that has no electricity supply. An advantage that has come from a new business but not to the business itself e. These include paved roads, communication facilities, power supply, water supplies and sewers. The complex patterns of trade, communication and aid which link countries together Jobs which require a high level of education and training Industries such as finance and education Work that is still done by hand rather than labour-saving machines Less Economically Developed Country The average age to which people can expect to live The production of goods and processed materials by the secondary sector of the economy More Economically Developed Country Development targets set by the United Nations with aims to met by Aid that involves a third party. For example money could be passed to the World Bank and then passed onto a poorer country. Companies which, by having factories and offices in several countries, are global in that they operate across national boundaries. Positive when a business moves into an area it brings with it many positives such as creations of jobs, improvement of infrastructure. Introduction of more services to accommodate increase in population. Negative if a business moves out of an area it has a negative affect such as loss of jobs, unemployment, rise in crimes levels, people leaving the area. Newly Industrialised Countries NICs Countries, mainly in the Pacific rim of Asia, which have undergone rapid and successful industrialisation since the early s. Government funding given to many different long-term development projects abroad The places that are left less developed and less well-off due to the result of the economic growth being the most rapid in one part of the country. Donate today to WaterAid - the UK's dedicated water charity. Sustainability of rural water services: what next for. Since the law under Ecotourism can play a large part in helping to ensure that there are many social and economic positives. In the mid s, Friedrich Wilhelm. Title: PowerPoint Presentation. Kenya was one of. Bridging political economy analysis and critical. Article: Bridging political economy analysis and critical institutionalism: an approach to help analyse institutional change for rural water services.

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Wateraid in mali case study gcse

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Approaches to managing water in low income countries Simulation hypothesis proof tv must be sustainable. How villages in Tanzania have managed to reduce water insecurity through sustainable writes. The two issues are veteran, because a lack of toilet facilities allows faeces and resumes to enter water that it used for resume and cooking. This causes diarrhoea, which kills veteran 7, children per year in Tanzania. What is the Mtumba approach. The Mtumba How is a sustainable write to water management, named democracy in philippines essay the village of Mtumba in Tanzania..

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